Here is the New Google Chrome Logo

Google released their new logo yesterday. We have already seen an updated Chromium logo inspired by Material Design, now, it is time for the Chrome logo to take a Material Design shower! Here you go:


Technically, this is not a new logo, but only a Material Design makeover for the existing one. You have the same colors, but the design is more flat, and more Material. I remember the long list of comments and criticism when they changed the logo last time.

This time, things might be a little different because this is not a huge change for the design, and is part of a design change across Google properties. The discussions are not entirely focused on Chrome alone. However, I would still love to know what you all think about this change.

So, what do you think of the new Chrome logo? Let me know in comments!

Thanks Brandon!

2 responses to “Here is the New Google Chrome Logo”

  1. O'SIDEMAN – United States – Retired Water Treatment Plant Operator

    It works for me. You are correct sir, subtle change this time going over better. Not my favorite but it works.

  2. new win 10 ‘ gold ‘ logo ? could use a spot of color ( but – spare the spikes ! )

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