Google Chrome’s New Logo – The Official Version

After I found the new Chromium Logo, many of you ( thanks all ! ) worked hard to show everyone how the new Chrome logo will look like with similar changes on chromium’s logo. Now, it’s time to show you all the official version of new Chrome logo, straight from Chrome and Chrome OS.

Thank you @LoverBoyV and @apexskier for tweeting me this new logo 🙂  So, here it is, let me know what you think. ( Right now, we have only the tiny version of it, I will update you all with the bigger version soon !

Chrome Webstore New Logo Chrome New Logo

Let me know what you think !

41 responses to “Google Chrome’s New Logo – The Official Version”

  1. I like it 😀

    1. cool 🙂

  2. Not official… fake

    1. why ?

    2. Its fake huh…i assuming thats why my desktop icon changed to this when chrome updated, right?

    3. REAL. I have a Cr-48 and this is exactly what it looks like on the new tab page now.

    4. It’s now on dev channel, yay 😀

    5. Don’t tell use such a crap Derek. It’s only a bug.

  3. It seems I have to start hacking my own Google Chrome to keep the current logo.

    Completely did not like.


    1. I hope they decide to keep the current logo!

      : |

    2. may be they will come up with some kind of extension for it 😉

    3. I really don’t get that guys. What’s the big deal, changing the icon on your desktop/bar/dock or whatever is easy. Is it really THAT important what would the ‘about’ screen look like? I mean, sorry I hate trolling but.. The browser is great, I don’t think the icon is so important that it requires ‘hacking’. I got mixed feelings about the icon, but that official one is nice. But before we start whining, we have to see the big, final version of the logo. Hope nobody is offended.

    4. How is this better than just changing the shortcut icon? (not trolling, just wondering 🙂 )

      1. LOL! that is totally right, but you cannot change the inside logos so easily.
        Moreover, you cannot change them at all!

  4. I think the current logo is fine and has a STRONG brand image!
    Why change it when it is being the best browser?
    The best logo…

    1. hope they will publish some blog post explaining that !

  5. Like the old one way better. Much cooler. Hopefully enough people won’t like it and they’ll change it back.

    1. hope for the best 🙂

  6. the new logo is much better than the old logo, especially for printing purposes. the current logo is fine for larger things, but at a smaller scale, the details won’t be noticed, e.g the rectangles on the yellow area and the shiny and shadowed areas.

    i, personally, prefer more minimal logos like the new chrome logo and the new starbucks logo. less is more sometimes.

    …and it definitely isn’t fake as the new logo does show up on the chrome webstore logo on the cr48 running chrome 11.

    1. I agree with you !!! 🙂 well said Robb !

      1. just noticed this on my cr48, the new logo also shows up as the icon for chrome in the task manager.

  7. It looks pretty cool, sad for the people who dont like it, but it wont be changed back!

    1. I think we need to run a survey here 😉

      1. Good idea!

  8. will it look cool if they put it as the logo on a laptop ( like the apple logo or android logo on a phone ? ) can we print all the 3D stuff there ?

  9. Well, think about it this way if you’re on windows. Right now, you currently have 5 icons to chose from if you click “Change Icon”. Anyone who likes the old one can do that.

  10. I think elicik answered your question below !

  11. it look really cool but i hope they don’t change the icons for google chrome in for windows, or they leave the other options for ppl who want that one.

  12. I also like the new logo.

  13. Gonna miss the old logo…until I replace it. The new one isn’t bad, per se, but it’s boring. And somehow somewhat threatening. And doesn’t look like a morph ball.

  14. I too have mixed feelings about the new logo, but it really does not look bad at all.

    Actually when you have the new Google Chrome logo sitting in your taskbar next to IE9, you suddenly notice how both MS and now Google have swapped the 3d- style logos for 2D vector-ish ones.

    For those who want a survey of it, there is/was one already of which you can read more about here:

  15. I really don’t like the new logo. Fire the design team I say and start again. What a loss of brand management. Unfortunately it’s a step backwards. The new logo should have been designed first. Maybe google should have employed me since I am a graphic designer.

  16. I’ve posted a video tutorial on how to change the Chrome icon back to the old 3D icon on a mac. I hope this helps.

  17. It sucks big time! Go back to the 3D icon.

  18. i dont like new one (((

  19. I understand the philosophy behind the new logo… even so, I hate it.

  20. it is so not techy compared to the previous one… Its actually pretty lame

  21. It’s crap! It looks like a draft version. Put the 3D version back please or at least give us the option to change it in the settings. Makes my desktop look crap. Sort it out Google.

  22. No! No! its horrible- no character-just a flat nothing- what were you thinking

  23. i actually thought it was fake

  24. I liked the 3d look much much more.
    This one looks like its been run over by a steam-roller.

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