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The Story of Chrome Story

Update: We are now on YouTube too.

Chrome Story was founded in 2009, soon after Google launched Chrome, the browser. Dinsan made Chrome his primary browser from day one and thought it is a good idea to start sharing news about it.

When Google announced Chrome OS and later Chromecast, it was a no-brainer for Dinsan and also for Chrome Story.

Chrome Story currently covers the latest news on Chrome and Chrome OS. We also write how-to articles to help Chrome OS users get things done on their Chromebooks.

The Team

Dinsan Francis

Founder & Editor

Dinsan has been using Chromebooks for more than 10 years. Chrome Story chronicles his love for Chromebooks and his journey exploring upcoming Chrome OS features.

Dinsan tweets @_dinsan.

James Welbes


James has been a Chromie ever since 2012, when he accepted a temporary position as a Google Specialist, educating customers about Chromebooks in his local Best Buy. Since then he’s converted his home to 100% Chrome OS and has owned over half a dozen Chrome OS devices over the years.

James tweets @jameswelbes

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