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  • How to Enable Side Tabs (Vertical Tabs) on Edge

    How to Enable Side Tabs (Vertical Tabs) on Edge

    Microsoft Edge lets you place your browser tabs on the left side of the window. Edge calls them ‘Vertical Tabs’. Here is how to enable or disable them. Enabling Side Tabs on Edge Let me give you the quickest way to enable side tabs on Edge. Use the following keyboard shortcut: CTRL + SHIFT +…

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  • How to Import Bookmarks to Microsoft Edge

    Importing bookmarks to Microsoft Edge browser makes it easy for you to get started. You can move your bookmarks to the new Edge browser or profile using the Import feature. Here is how to move your bookmarks to Edge. ‘Favorites’ are Bookmarks Edge calls bookmaks ‘Favorites‘. Apart from the name change, everything else is the…

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  • How to Eable Dark Mode in Microsoft Edge

    Are you a fan of dark mode? Here is how to switch Microsoft Edge to dark mode on your Windows computer. Enable Dark Mode on Edge To switch Edge to dark mode: I hope you found this tutorial useful. Do you have any questions about switching Edge to dark mode? Let me know in the…

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  • How to Enable Video Backgrounds in Edge

    Microsoft Edge gives you plenty of ways to customize your new tab page experience. Video backgrounds is just one of those fancy features. In this article, I will show you how to enable video backgrounds on Edge. Enable Video Backgrounds in Edge To enable video backgrounds in Microsoft Edge: I hope you found this tutorial…

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  • Make Edge Ask Before Closing Multiple Tabs

    Accidentally closed a Microsoft Edge window with multiple tabs and lost unsaved work? You are not alone. Here is the solution. You can make Edge ask for a confirmation before closing multiple tabs. Enabling Tab Close Warning in Edge Edge can ask you to confirm when you close a window with multiple tabs. Here is…

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  • How to Customize Microsoft Edge Sidebar

    Microsoft Edge sidebar with a handful of features. You can add new icons or remove services you don’t use by customizing the sidebar. Customizing Edge Sidebar Let’s customize the Edge sidebar and make it look how you want. To get started: You now have the customizing options open. Let us go over our options. Adding…

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  • How to Remove Microsoft Edge Sidebar

    The sidebar on Microsoft Edge helps you use search, shopping or a few other things. However, if the sidebar is bothering you, you can always remove it. Let me show you how. Auto-hide Edge Sidebar Before you turn off the Edge sidebar completely, let me show you an alternative option. You can set it to…

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  • How to Change Edge Homepage

    What happens when you click the Home icon on Microsoft Edge? Does it open a new tab or a specific website? Let me show you how to enable the Home button and set up a home page. Enabling the Home Button on Edge By default, Microsoft Edge does not show a Home button on the…

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  • How to Stop Edge from Opening PDF Files

    You can change the default PDF app to stop Edge from opening PDF files. If you want to stop Edge from opening PDF files instead of downloading them, you can do that as well. Let me show you how. Is Edge Your Default PDF Viewer? If Microsoft Edge is your default PDF viewer on your…

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  • 14 Edge Tips and Tricks (2020 Edition)

    Microsoft Edge is now the default browser on Windows 10. If you are an Edge user, this collection of tips and tricks will help you. These tips work on the Chromium-based Edge browser. If you do not have the Chromium-based Edge, you can download it here. Use Profiles Profiles are similar to user IDs on…

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