How to Restart Chrome Without Losing Your Open Tabs?

This is a sure-shot question that would have come across your mind once in a while. You might have ended up closing all tabs and then restarting the browser from the beginning. But, if you have an option to restart the Chrome browser without losing your tabs, wouldn’t that be a better choice? Here’s how.

The earlier method:

(1) Those who have done this before will know that this option is an easy way out. Go to Options panel and and go to Basics tab. Click  on the radio button ‘Reopen the pages that were open last.’ You get back what you thought you lost.

Usually, the most recent browser tab is restored with this method. If you want to restore more than one tabs, make sure that you use the ‘Exit’ option in the Tools menu for closing all your windows at once, instead of closing them one at a time.

(2) Another option is to to type Chrome://restart in the address bar and Enter.  The browser will then try to reload the tab containing ‘chrome://restart.’ Please note that this option will not work if you have already set up Google Chrome to restore the tabs in its Settings.

What’s new:

The new method is, right click on the Bookmark bar and then press ‘CTRL+SHIFT+B’ to select ‘Add Page’ from the drop-down menu. Name the bookmark, and and then enter ‘chrome://restart’ in the URL box and click Save. ‘Restart Chrome’ bookmark will then start appearing in the bookmark bar of your Chrome browser.

Now, when you click on the ‘Restart Chrome’ bookmark, the browser will close down all open tabs and will automatically re-open all the tabs immediately after closing them.

Hope this works well for you. If you have better ideas, let us know in the comments section.

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