How Much Storage Do I Have Left On My Chromebook?

Have you ever wondered how much storage you had left on your Chromebook? Well, you’ve always been able to tell, by opening the Files app and clicking on the options icon.

But now, if you’re on the Developer channel, you can enable a flag which will give you a Storage option in your Chrome settings that not only tells you how much storage you have left, but it’s more accurate than the files app, and breaks it down between Downloads, and Offline Files.

It even allows you to delete your Google Drive offline files with the click of a button.

Again, this requires that your Chromebook is on the Developer channel, and that you enable this flag: chrome://flags/#enable-storage-manager

Here are a few screenshots of the new storage option:

Storage button in settings
Available storage
Delete Google Drive offline files
Side by side with Files App

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