How to Enable Side Tabs (Vertical Tabs) on Edge

Vertical Tabs on Edge

Microsoft Edge lets you place your browser tabs on the left side of the window. Edge calls them ‘Vertical Tabs’.

Here is how to enable or disable them.

Enabling Side Tabs on Edge

Let me give you the quickest way to enable side tabs on Edge. Use the following keyboard shortcut:

CTRL + SHIFT + , (comma).

Alternatively, you can right-click any open tab and choose Turn on vertical tabs.

Tab Actions Menu in Vertical Tabs

While your tabs are in vertical mode, you can access the tab actions menu using the tab actions icon.

You will need the tab actions menu to use tab search, group tabs, and open recently closed tabs.

Open or Collapse Vertical Tabs

You can also show or hide the vertical tab list. Use this feature if you need some horizontal space on your screen.

To hide ot show the tabs list, click the Collapse or Expane icon.

To disable side tabs, use the same shortcut (CTRL + SHIFT + ,) or right-click a tab and choose Turn off vertical tabs.

I hope you found this tutorial useful. Ask your questions in the comments form below.

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