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Chromebooks are computers that run Google’s Chrome OS operating system. As a result, they are easy to set up and maintain. In addition, the modern Chromebook can support a wide range of apps.

With a Chromebook, you can browse the web using the Chrome browser, and install web apps, PWAs, Android apps, and even Linux apps.

Chrome Story is a website for Chrome and Chromebook users. We help you stay up to date on all the latest Chrome and Chromebook news.

We also regularly publish how-to guides that help you make the best out of your Chrome OS device.

Chrome Story also takes pride in bringing you all the breaking news from the Chrome OS world. We use the bleeding edge version of Chrome and Chrome OS, called Canary. We also go through all the code changes that the team makes to bring you news about upcoming features of the browser and the operating system.

  • Drag Images from Notifications and Share Using Other Apps – Coming Soon to Chrome OS

    Drag Images from Notifications and Share Using Other Apps – Coming Soon to Chrome OS

    Google is working on a Chrome OS feature that lets you drag and drop images from notifications and share them using other apps. Notification Image Drag A Chromium code change request we spotted today discusses adding a new sharing feature to Chrome OS. Let’s start with the flag and description: Enable notification image drag: Enable…

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  • How to Open Files on Chromebook

    Your Chromebook comes with a Files app to manage files and folders. In this article, we will show you how to open files on your Chrome OS device. Supported File Types on Chromebook Before you try to open a file, here is a list of file types Chromebook can run. According to the official help…

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  • Google is Adding ‘Conversational Search’ to Chromebook Launcher

    Google is experimenting with a conversational search for Chrome OS. The new feature will be available directly in the launcher. Conversational Search Flag Here is the experimental flag that we spotted today: Launcher experiment: conversational search: To evaluate the viability of a conversational search provider as part of launcher search. Chrome and Chrome OS flags…

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  • System-wide Live Caption Support Coming to Chromebooks

    Google will soon add system-wide live caption to Chrome OS. When available, this new feature will let you generate automatic captions for content from non-Chrome apps. For example, Android apps and Linux apps. Live Caption for Android and Linux Apps on Chrome OS Live caption is currently available on the Chrome browser. You can use…

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  • Charging and Low battery Sounds Coming to Chromebooks

    Google is working on adding system sounds to Chromebooks. With this essential feature, your Chromebook will make tiny noises when you connect it to a charger or when the battery is low. System Sounds for Chromebooks According to a new Chromium Gerrit code change, I spotted today, Google is adding system sounds to Chromebooks. This…

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  • How to Backup a Chromebook

    Almost everything on a Chromebook backs up automatically to your Google Drive account. In this article, I will show you how to enable backup for everything on your Chromebook. Google Chrome Backup Like the desktop version, the Chrome browser on your Chromebook backs up passwords, bookmarks, and more to Google Drive. Here is a list…

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  • How to Enable Navigation Buttons on Chromebook Tablet Mode

    Your Google Chromebook can display Android-like back and launcher buttons in tablet mode. Here is how to enable them. Show Back and Launcher Icons on a Chromebook To enable navigation buttons on your Chromebook: From the launcher, open the Settings app. From the left pane, select Accessibility. Select Cursor and touchpad. Click and enable the…

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  • How to Highlight Chromebook Mouse Cursor

    Chrome OS allows you to highlight the mouse cursor while it moves. The red circle around the cursor makes it easy to spot. In this article, I will show you how to enable the mouse highlight on your Chromebook. To highlight the mouse the pointer while it moves: From the launcher, open the Settings app.…

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  • How to Make Mouse Pointer Larger on a Chromebook

    Is your Chromebook’s cursor too small for you? Let me show you how to increase the mouse pointer size in Chrome OS. Make Chromebook Cursor Big To increase the pointer size: From the launcher, open the Settings app. From the left pane, select Accessibility. Select Cusrsor and touchpad. Click and enable the Show large mouse…

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  • How to Create a Folder on a Chromebook

    You can create a folder on a Chromebook by right-clicking inside the Files app or using the keyboard shortcut CTRL + E. Let me show you in detail. Create Folders on a Chromebook Before we start, let me remind you that you cannot create folders on a Chromebook desktop. To create a folder: Open the…

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