‘Quick Delete’ to Allow You to Delete 15 Minutes Of Browsing Data

Google Chrome Logo - Transparent

Google is working on new ‘Quick Delte’ feature for Chrome users on Android. Available from the three-dots settings menu, this new feature will let you quickly delete browsing data for the last 15 minutes.

Google Chrome Logo – Transparent

As usual, let’s start with the experimental flag that turns this fearure on:

Enable quick delete: When enabled, a new quick delete option appears in the three dots menu allowing users to quickly delete their last 15 mins of data.

Quick Delete or Incognito

Quick Delete will come in handy whenever we forget to use the incognito mode. With two taps, we will be able to delete the recent browsing history.

Unfortunately, I do not have any screenshots of additional details available at the moment. However, be sure to come back to this page in a day or two, and you’ll see this feature in action.

I would love to hear your thoughts on Quick Delete. Can you think of any other use case for this handy feature?

Source: Chromium Gerrit.

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