Search Settings from Chromebook Launcher

There is a feeling of deja vu as I write this. A flag available in the Canary version of Chrome OS now enables settings search from the launcher. You can search “print” and directly go to the “Printing” section of the Settings app.

New Flag – Launcher settings search

Flag Name: Launcher settings search

Description: Enable search results for OS settings in the launcher. – Chrome OS

URL: chrome://flags/#launcher-settings-search

What happens when you enable this flag and restart your Chromebook? Here are some screenshots to demonstrate that.

Notice “Change Wallpaper” showing up in search results? Here is another example:

This feature is currently available in the Canary version of Chrome OS. It might take a while before it reaches the Stable channel where everyone can test it.

When this becomes available in the Stable channel, I am sure you will find this feature very useful. During the very short time that I had this flag enabled, I used it a couple of times to find some settings on my Chromebook.

Stay tuned for more exciting Chromebook news.

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