Chrome for Android Gets Improved Autofill

Google Chrome for Android is getting an improved autofill UI. The new layout will make it easy for you to choose from address and passwords etc that you have saved in Chrome.

Old UI

Let me show you the old UI before moving on to the new one.

Now, the new UI

Chrome Autofill – New UI

The new UI is now available on Chrome for Android. I have too many flags enabled and I cannot say if any particular flag is required for this to work.

As you can see, Chrome now shows you three additional icons to choose autofill options. The first one, the lock symbol is for passwords, second, the card icon is for payment methods and the third, maps or balloon icon, is for addresses.


As you can see, Chrome will display passwords, addresses, and payment methods that you have saved and easily choose the address or credit card that you want to use. If you have multiple addresses or payment methods saved on Chrome, this will save a lot of time for you.

Looks like a feature that you will find useful? Let us know in the comments section.

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