“One Chrome” to “allow making a phone call from desktop to a mobile phone” and more

I am a bit confused and you probably noticed that on the title of this article. It looks like Google is working on a new way for Google Chrome on all your devices, desktop/s or phone/s to communicate and work together.

It appears so, but I cannot say this with 100% conviction. The code and commit log has a lot of details, but lacks clarity of what this feature is.

One Chrome or OneChrome

The code calls it “OneChrome” and the marketing-friendly name should be One Chrome.

The code commit request covers desktop and Android versions. The commit log has something that looks like a list of features:

  • Call a number supported
  • Share text from Android to any device clipboard supported
  • End-to-end encryption supported
  • List target device in Android supported
  • Filter by device capabilities
  • Use deviceGuid as preference key
  • Add text shre to browser
  • Use webpush protocol with generated VAPID key
  • Use proto instead of JSON

There are a couple of things that we can clearly see in this list. First thing is, whatever this feature is planning to do, the communication between the devices is going to be encrypted.

Two. Remember the “Send to device” feature? This has an advanced version it, where you can pick which device you want to send it to, add specific piece of text or things from your clipboard, between devices.

Share text from Android to any device clipboard supported

This is going to be a very useful feature. You select some text from your Android phone and send it to your Chromebook’s clipboard. You press Ctrl + V there, and voila, the text you copied on your Android phone, is pasted on your Chromebook.

Well, that’s how I would imagine this feature would work.

‘Users asks to make a phone call from desktop’

This is where I get stuck. Here is the specific code bit where this feature is explained:

This is exciting and confusing at the same time. According to a recent post from 9to5Google, this is a feature which will make it easy for users to call phone numbers that they find using Chrome.

For example, let’s say you found a phone number that you want to call, while browsing using Chrome on your laptop. You can send that phone number to your Android phone (provided you use the same account on both devices). You will see a prompt on your phone, and with one click, you will be able to start the call.

As I said, One Chrome sounds like an exciting Chrome project to watch, but I would appreciate more information around what this is and how all these will work.

Got more details? Drop me a comment!

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