How To Set Up Pin Unlock On Chromebook

Chrome OS adds new features almost every week. From the recent list of such additions, my favorite is the pin-based unlock. This article explains how to set up a pin unlock on your Chromebook.

Pin unlock makes it easy to unlock your Chromebook, just like it does on your phone. I use a long and difficult (I hope!) password for my Google account. It is not so easy to type each time I unlock my Chromebook. It is not so difficult on my other computer where the password is less complicated and short.

Pin unlock solves this problem by letting me use a six-digit pin to unlock the Chromebook. I will still need to enter the Google account password when I switch it on. That is something that I can live with!

Setting Up Pin Unlock

Here is how you set up pin unlock:

  1. Go to Settings and under People, look for Screen lock.
  2. On the Screen lock screen, you will be asked to enter your Google account password. Enter that and click Confirm.
  3. Under Screen lock options, select PIN or password.
  4. You will be asked to a six-digit pin, twice.
  5. You are all set. Lock your screen and you should now see the PIN unlock option.

Hope you find this useful. Find more Chromebook how-to articles and guides here.

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