Chrome OS Devices Lifespan Increased to 5 Years

How long will I get software updates on my new Chromebook? Short answer: 5 years.

Google has added one more year to Chrome OS lifespan, giving them 5 years of Chrome OS updates after their first release. Here is the official update from the team:

We’re updating our official End of Life policy for all Chrome devices, including previous models, to extend the End of Life (EOL) minimum term. Chrome devices receive automatic updates and security patches with each new Chrome release. When a device’s EOL term is reached, Google no longer guarantees that Chrome updates will be provided.The new minimum EOL term is now 5 years from the date the device hardware is made available for purchase. Some models may have a further extension based on regional releases and the length of sale. We’ll be updating the EOL policy and projected dates on our Chrome OS End of Life Policy page¹ soon to reflect this change.

Here is the updated end of life dates for newer models:

via Brandon Tiller and  François Beaufort

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