How To Enable IPV6 Using Google Chrome

Let me tell you this first. I do not know if enabling this will break something on your network or PC. However, I am writing this to show you how to get this working. Please proceed after your own research.

Its pretty simple. Go to chrome://net-internals on your Chrome address bar. Click on the DNS tab, you will see the following message

Default address family: ADDRESS_FAMILY_IPV4 (IPv6 disabled)

Click on “Enable IPV6” to get IPV6 going on your system.

Questions ? Suggestions ? More Info Anyone ?

9 responses to “How To Enable IPV6 Using Google Chrome”

  1. hmm, see, you know what is an IP number right ? recently, they all go over, meaning, that we used all the possible combinations of those numbers.

    People knew this would happen, so they were working on next version of it, with more numbers. So when the old system got over, they launched the new one 🙂

    You can read the wiki link for more techy explanation of it 😉

  2. thanks for helping in Benjamin.

    One thing is, anyone who uses for any reason, will need a browser, so readers here will be of all kinds ! 🙂

    Kiran is my friend too, so she expected a non techy friendly explanation of what it is 😀

  3. Yes, I have seen that Chrome’s proxy settings take me to IE’s settings page 😉

    I do not have knowledge about how the IPv6 works and if it is fully ready for regular use. I didn’t want anyone in trouble … that is why I put a slight warning there .. 😀

    what do you think ?

  4. there isn’t a button for me either, but i know my ISP hasn’t enabled so thats probably the reason for there not being a button.

    1. may be it depends on the ISP ?

  5. I think so, I just enabled IPv6 on my CR-48 and got the same results on as before.

  6. If you find ADDRESS_FAMILY_UNSPECIFIED in the DNS tab it means that Chrome is using BOTH IPv4 and IPv6.
    Before enabling IPv6 you find ADDRESS_FAMILY_IPv4.

  7. This technique doesn’t work whenever you have a long ping for IPv6 than IPv4! Chrome needs something like that is available in Firefox to work correctly!

  8. This is no longer working after crome updates, whats the new way?

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