Two Simple Google Chrome Tips To Save Your Time

Let me show you two simple tips that will save you a lot of time while using Google Chrome. These two tips are called “Paste and Go” and “Paste and Search“. Let’s see what they do.

1. Paste and Search

When you copy a word or a sentence from a webpage, and right click on the omnibar ( address bar ) after it, you will see “Paste and Search“. If you select this option, google chrome will automatically start a search using that word or sentence, saving you a mouse click, or a key stroke. So, next time, do not copy > paste > search, instead, copy > Paste and Search !


2. Paste and Go

This is similar to Paste and Search. Here, when you copy a URL from a webpage, and then right click on the omnibar or the addressbar, you can choose “Paste and Go”, to save a mouse click or a key stroke, making google chrome to load that page faster.

I am sure these two simple tips will save you a lot of time. Let me know if you have more tips like this to share!

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  1. try it out !!

  2. thanks for the tip! keyboard shortcuts?

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