Chrome’s ‘Journeys’ Will Now Be Called ‘Groups’

History By Group

Google is preparing to remove the word ‘Journey‘ from the Chrome UI. It will be known simply as ‘groups’.

Journeys to Groups

Was ‘Journeys’ an internal code name for the project, or an actual branding for the feature? Either ways, Google will soon stop calling Journeys that. I don’t see a new name in the code commits, but in most places, Journeys will be called ‘groups’.

For example, “a Chrome history page organized into groups”.

The regular history is organized in dates. Journeys, will be history orgainzed as ‘groups’.

chrome://history/journeys will be changed to chrome://history/2

On the omnibox/addressbar, the ‘Resume Journey‘ will now read ‘Resume Browsing’.

All these changes will be available behind a new experimental flag ‘Rename History Journeys

Renaming Journeys to Groups does not change anything else around how the feature works. You will still be able to view the history groups and also resume them from the omnibox.

Do you think Search Groups is a better name for this feature? Will you start using this feature just because of this name change? Let me know in the comments form below.

Source: Chromium Gerrit.

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