Long Press CTRL + V for Clipboard History (Coming Soon)

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Did you know that your Chromebook has a clipboard history feature? Press CTRL + SHIFT + V and you will see the clipboard manager.

Google wants to make it easier to access clipboard history so that more people will use it. For this, they are adding an option to long press CTRL + V to bring up clipboard history.

Here is how it will work.

Press CTRL + V as usual to paste the most recently copied item.

If you keep pressing CTRL + V for another second, the clipboard manager appears.

If you choose another item from the clipboard history, Chrome will replace the recent text with the content you selected from the clipboard history.

Chrome OS Apps Menu

You’ll have to wait a few more weeks before you can try this new feature. Now, let me introduce you to the experimental flag the team has added to test this feature.

Hold Ctrl+V to paste an item from clipboard history: Enables an experimental behavior change where long-pressing Ctrl+V shows the clipboard history menu. If an item is selected to paste, it replaces the content initially pasted by Ctrl+V.

I think we will start using the clipboard manager more often because of this change. However, there is also a possibility of people getting annoyed with this change.

What do you think?

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  1. DennyL – Huge ChromeOS / crouton / Crostini fan.

    I prefer the ‘Launcher + V’ key combo to view your clipboard and select from it, it even includes images.

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