‘Journeys’ To Get an Option Hide History

Hide Chrome Journey

Google Chrome’s Journeys feature is adding an option to let you hide certain website visits.

History Journeys Hide Visits

‘Journeys’ is Google’s new take on organizing browsing history on Chrome. You can see your visits to a website or your search for a topic as a cluster called ‘Journey’.

You can resume journeys to continue where you left off. You can also soon add journeys to the new tab page. Today, however, I want to share about a small feature coming to Journeys called hiding visits.

The flag.

As usual, this new feature also starts with a new flag:

History Journeys Hide Visits: Adds a UI element to hide individual cluster visits in the webUI. – Mac, Windows, Linux, ChromeOS, Fuchsia, Lacros.

You can either use a menu item or a thumbs-down icon to hide certain items from your Chrome history journey.

Hide Chrome Journey
Chrome Journeys

I don’t think many of us would want to keep our browsing history on the new tab page. However, for those who do, I am sure a quick way to remove items will come handy.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments section below.

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