Drag Images from Notifications and Share Using Other Apps – Coming Soon to Chrome OS


Google is working on a Chrome OS feature that lets you drag and drop images from notifications and share them using other apps.

Notification Image Drag

A Chromium code change request we spotted today discusses adding a new sharing feature to Chrome OS. Let’s start with the flag and description:

Enable notification image drag: Enable users to drag the image shown on the notification and drop it to directly paste or share.


Here is an example use case. You could send yourself an image from your phone and then drag and drop that into a Google Doc you are working on.

Does this sound like the iOS feature that lets you share content across apps?

It might take a while before we can test this flag and bring you screenshots and possibly a demo video. We shall update this article as soon as the feature is ready for a demonstration.

Speaking of demos, here is the upcoming ‘Read Anything’ Feature for Google Chrome:

Source: Chromium Gerrit.

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