Google is Adding ‘Conversational Search’ to Chromebook Launcher

Google Assistant on Chromebook

Google is experimenting with a conversational search for Chrome OS. The new feature will be available directly in the launcher.

Conversational Search Flag

Here is the experimental flag that we spotted today:

Launcher experiment: conversational search: To evaluate the viability of a conversational search provider as part of launcher search.

Chrome and Chrome OS flags are experimental, that is a given. However, this flag has an additional phrase, making it even more experimental. The plan is to evaluate the viability of a new search interface.

What is this new interface?

We do not have any details yet. However, Google Assistant is already available within the launcher. So, the chat bubble this flag and related code changes talk about must be something new.

Google Assistant on Chromebook

Unless this is a new UI (bubble?) for Assistant.

There is another wild possibility. Apprentice Bard.

Google announced its ChatGPT competitor code-named Apprentice Bard the other day at an event. Is this Google’s first attempt to integrate Bard with Chrome OS?

That, of course, is only a wild guess at the moment. Stay tuned for additional details on this feature as it develops (pun intended).

Source: Chromium Gerrit.

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