System-wide Live Caption Support Coming to Chromebooks

Chromebook Live Caption

Google will soon add system-wide live caption to Chrome OS. When available, this new feature will let you generate automatic captions for content from non-Chrome apps. For example, Android apps and Linux apps.

Chromebook Live Caption

Live Caption for Android and Linux Apps on Chrome OS

Live caption is currently available on the Chrome browser. You can use this feature on Windows, MacOS and Chrome OS. However, the support is limited to content from the browser.

On Chrome OS, this will soon change.

Here is the new experimental Chrome OS flag that showed up in the Chromium Gerrit website today:

System Live Caption: Enables the live caption feature for non-Chrome (e.g. Android, linux) audio.

Now that we have system-wide support live captions, we will be able to use captions for audio coming from any app on the Chromebook.

If you are someone who relies on captions for accessibility or other reasons, this news should make you excited. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Chromium Gerrit.

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