Google Chrome to Get New Ad Privacy Settings

Chrome ad privacy settings

Google is adding a new set of privacy features to Chrome. The Settings page now has three new privacy control options.

Ad Privacy

Chrome Ad Privacy Announcement

According to the announcement popup in Chrome:

Chrome notes topics of interest based on your recent browsing history. Also, sites you visit can determine what you like. Later, sites can ask for this information to show you personalized ads. You can choose which topics and sites are used to show you ads.

To measure the performance of an ad, limited types of data are shared between sites, such as the time of day an ad was shown to you.

Let’s take a look at what’s coming.

Ad Privacy Settings

The new ad privacy settings section is available under Privacy & security.

Chrome Ad Privacy Settings

You get the following three options:

  • Ad Topics – Enables Chrome to show you advertisements based on the topics you are interested in. They generate this list using your browsing history.
  • Site-suggested ads – Ads based on your activity on a website after visiting it.
  • Ad Measurement – Allows sites and advertisers to measure the performance of their ads.

You can enable or disable these settings to control the type and category of ads you see while using Google Chrome.

I remember reviewing a list of topics and other information Google has on me from a URL. Now that a few of those options are available on Chrome, I feel more in control. However, it also makes me a bit uneasy as well.

What about you?

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