How to Share Website Links from Chrome Android

Create Card from Chrome on Android

Looking for a way to share websites and URLs from Google Chrome on Android? Let me show you how.

You can copy the website address and paste it on any app. For example, you can copy the website address and paste it into a WhatsApp chat.

You can tap inside the Chrome address bar to copy a website address. You’ll now see a few options including a copy icon. Select the copy icon.

‘Copy’ icon for website address.

You can now paste the URL into any app. Next, let me show you how to share URLs with other apps without copying and pasting.

Tap within the address bar and this time, select the share icon.

Chrome Share Icon on Android

The share menu appears with multiple options including apps, screenshots, and QR code.

Share menu on Chrome for Android

Choose an option to continue and share the URL.

Share a Word or Sentence as a Card

You can create Instagram-worthy cards from website content. To do this, select the word or sentence and then select Share.

Share Word on Chrome – Android

Now select Create card from the share menu.

Create Card – Chrome Android
Chrome Android Card

Choose a style and customize your card to share.

I hope you learned a thing or two from this article. Do you have any questions related to sharing content from Chrome on Android? Ask them in the comments section below.

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