How to Uninstall PWA From Chrome

Remove from Chrome

Progressive Web Apps or PWAs are browser-based powerful applications. You can read more about them on In this article, I will show you how to uninstall a PWA from Google Chrome.

Uinstall PWA

There are two ways to uninstall PWAs from your computer. Here is the first method.

Launch the PWA you want to uninstall and then click the three-dots settings icon.

Chrome PWA

Choose Uninstall <app name>.

Google Chrome will now remove the app from your computer. Now, let’s take a look at the second method to uninstall PWAs from Chrome. This method is useful when you need to uninstall multiple PWAs from Chrome.

Open a new tab and go to chrome://apps.

Chrome Apps Page

Right-click the PWA app you want to remove and choose Remove from Chrome.

Remove from Chrome

That’s how you uninstall a PWA from Google Chrome. I hope you found this tutorial useful. Ask your questions in the comments form below.

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