ChromeOS to Display the Release Channel in System Tray

Chrome OS Release Channel on System Tray

Do you experiment with Beta, Dev or Canary channels of ChromeOS? If you do, here is a small change that’ll make you happy. ChromeOS will soon display the release channel on the system tray.

Release Channel on System Tray

If you haven’t guessed already, I use the Canary channel of ChromeOS as my daily driver. It helps me find and write about upcoming Chromebook features. You will find plenty of that on Chrome Story.

If you are a Chromebook power user, you might be using Dev or Beta channel, or maybe even the Canary channel. If you are, this new experimental flag I found on Chromium Gerrit will make you happy.

Release track system tray UI: Enables the release track UI in the system tray.

Additional code change requests on Chromium Gerrit show that the release track name will be displayed only for non-stable channels. So, if you use the Stable channel of Chrome OS, you will not see the channel name on the system tray.

Chrome OS Release Channel on System Tray

Release Track on Login Screen

In addition to the system tray, aka Shelf, ChromeOS will soon display the release track on the login screen.

Here is the code change request for this:

Channel Name on Login Screen


If you are a ChromeOS enthusiast testing different versions of the operating system, or an app developer testing their apps on upcoming Chrome OS releases, this should make you happy. Okay, maybe at least smile.

Source: Chromium Gerrit.

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