How to ‘Pin’ a Google Chrome Tab

You can “pin” frequently used Google Chrome tabs to save space on the Chrome toolbar. When you pin a Chrome tab, it moves to the beginning of the list of the tabs.


When you pin a tab, the web site’s name is hidden. Instead, you will see the favicon of the website. This is usually the logo of the websites. I am sure you can identify websites you frequently visit by looking at their logos.

For example, you are familiar with the logos for Facebook and Instagram. For websites like these, pinning them to the toolbar helps you save the space on the toolbar.

There is one more benefit to pinned tabs. When you close Google Chrome and open it the next time, you pinned tabs open by default. You don’t have to open them each time you launch Google Chrome.

I find this extremely useful. I keep pinned on my Google Chrome window. Every time I open Chrome, the Feedly website opens by default, ready for me to start going through the articles for the day.

How to Pin a Chrome Tab

To “pin” a Chrome tab, right-click the tab and choose “Pin”

Choose Pin to pin a tab.

You will see the tab pinned.

Do you have any questions about this cool Google Chrome feature? Let me know in the comments section below.

7 responses to “How to ‘Pin’ a Google Chrome Tab”

  1. Chrome “Pin Tab” feature only available in development build as of 2009 Oct 13.

  2. My Chrome browser doesn’t show this pin feature. Is it only for Dev channel subscribers?

  3. as the comment on the top says

    Chrome “Pin Tab” feature only available in development build as of 2009 Oct 13.

    but, it will soon be available for everyone else .. 🙂

  4. gamesnthings – Teenage techie.

    You could also just ‘slam’ the tab against the left of the tab-bar.

  5. I have the dev build and used to have “Pin Tab” on the menu, but that’s now gone. Too bad. I did use it.

  6. Yes guys .. the pin tab is missing from dev version now…. I believe they are planning something better with it 😀

  7. Okay guys .. for those of you who reported pin tab missing from development versions .. its back now !! and with a nice zoom effect for mouse over !!!

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