Chrome Offline Installer for Windows 11

Google Chrome offline installer is used on Windows 11 computers when the regular installer fails. This is a standalone installer file that does not require additional downloads. This article will help you download these files.

We have added the official links below. We do not recommend downloading it from third-party sites.

If you want to install Chrome for your user account:

Download Google Chrome Standalone Offline Installer (64-bit)

If you’re going to install Chrome for all user accounts:

Google Chrome Offline Installer for All User Accounts (64-bit)

After downloading the file, follow the usual installation process to complete the installation. Read on for more detailed instructions.

Download success page

First, check if you have the latest chrome version. Before you take all the effort to download and install the latest, it will be good to check if you already have the latest version. Here is how you do it:

  1. Click on the settings (three dots) icon.
  2. Choose Help and then About Google Chrome.
  3. Wait for Chrome to check if the latest version is installed (need an internet connection)

If you have the latest version of Google Chrome, the up-to-date message is displayed along with the current version.

Chrome checks for updates

We have two links to share today. Both are for Windows users to download Google Chrome offline installer. It will work on Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Alternate installer for one user account

The first one “Alternate installer for one user account” This file will install Google Chrome only for the current user. (If someone else, say your family or partner, uses a different login ID, they will not be able to use Chrome without installing it separately.)

Alternate installer for all user accounts

Second one: Alternate installer for all user accounts downloads a file that will install Chrome on a system level. This means every user on the computer will get their installation of Google Chrome.

Updating Existing Installation With Offline Installer

It is possible to update or upgrade your current Google Chrome installation to the latest version.

  1. First, download the file of your choice.
  2. Close Google Chrome.
  3. Run the Setup file.
  4. Open Chrome when completed.
  5. Check the version of Chrome now (from the settings wrench menu, click “about chrome”)
  6. Follow this method each time there is an update to Chrome

We hope you have the latest Google Chrome version installed on your computer now. Please drop me an email if you have any questions.

Do You Need Windows 11 Chrome Offline Installer?

You can use the same Windows installer to install Chrome on Windows 11. After installing Google Chrome on Windows, you will find the option to enable or disable the Windows 8 Metro Mode.

The Metro Mode on Google Chrome gives you a user interface similar to Google’s Chrome OS. You will be working on a full-screen Chrome with the feeling of owning a Chromebook. Here is a screenshot.

If you are not happy with this interface, you can always switch back to the standard Google Chrome mode by relaunching it in regular mode (from the Settings menu).

The offline installer is used when you are unable to use the regular installer to get Chrome. The regular installer downloads a smaller file that downloads the rest of the installer and completes the installation. In case this is not working, the offline installer is the best workaround that you can try.

Installing Without Internet Connection Using Offline Installer

The offline installer is also used when a computer that you are trying to install Chrome on does not have an internet connection or has a slow internet connection. In such situations, you can download the complete offline installer setup file on a computer where you have a fast internet connection. After downloading, copy the installer to the computer where you want to install Chrome. Double-click the file to start the installation.

Another useful scenario is when you have to install Google Chrome on multiple computers. If you are to use the regular download and install process, you will end up downloading the complete file multiple times. For example, if you have ten computers to install Google Chrome on, you will download the file ten times. Imagine that the Chrome installer is 25 MB. By the time you finish installing Chrome on ten computers, you will exhaust 250MBs of your broadband usage. However, if you use the offline installer, you can reduce this usage to 25 MB. You will download it one time, and copy it to all the ten computers you need to install Google Chrome, and install it.

See why the offline installer file is useful.

Do Not Download from External Websites

We want to leave you with a note on security. Google Chrome has evolved into the most popular browser on the planet. Unfortunately, this has attracted many online scammers who work on creative ways to trick Chrome users into downloading malicious software.

You will find Google Chrome available for download from various sources online. However, we strongly suggest you NOT download Google Chrome from any sources. We must always download any software from the official source for safety and security. In this case, you should download Chrome only from Google’s official website.

There are a lot of risks involved in downloading the Chrome installer from an alternative source. We will not know if the software is modified to play with your privacy and browsing data. It is even possible to take complete control of your computer and the data thereof if your malware is included with the installer you download.

Di you have questions? Let us know in the comments section.

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