How to Delete History in Google Chrome

You can delete Google Chrome history using a keyboard shortcut or following a few simple steps. Let me show you how.

What Happens When You Delete Chrome History?

The following information is removed when you clear your browsing history:

  • Web addresses you’ve visited, are listed on the History page
  • Cached text of pages you’ve visited
  • Snapshots of your most frequently visited pages on the New Tab page
  • Any IP addresses pre-fetched from pages you’ve visited

How to Delete History in Google Chrome

Let us start with the most formal method first.

  1. Click the Chrome menu icon (three dots) on the browser toolbar.
  2. Select Basic or Advanced based on your preference.
  3. From the Time range drop-down, select the number of days you want to delete the history. If you want to erase the entire browsing history, select All time.
  4. Select Clear data.

You have now deleted your Google Chrome browsing history.

With Keyboard Shortcut

Press CTRL + SHIFT + DEL on your PC or Chromebook and you will get the fastest method to clear history from Chrome.

Clear Cookies on Exit

Okay, this is not exactly history, but close. If you select Keep local data only until I quit my browser on chrome://chrome/settings/content page under Cookies, Chrome will clear your cookies when you close after a browsing session. Pretty useful if you are a privacy-conscious soul.

I hope you learned something new today from this article. Do comment if you got any questions, or if you got something more interesting to share, jump on to the forums.

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