How to Find Your Chromebook’s Hardware Specs

How to check a Chromebook’s specs, and CPU usage

If someone, says tech support, asks you for the hardware specs for your Chromebook, how do you find it? Let me show you how.

Find Chromebook Hardware Specs

The easiest way to find your Chromebook’s hardware specs is using a Chrome extension. Named Cog, this Chrome extension created by François Beaufort displays your Chromebook’s hardware information for you.

Here is how to install and Cog to find hardware information:

  1. Install the Cog System Info Viewer app from the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Open the Chrome OS apps menu.
  3. Launch the Cog app.

You should now see your Chromebook’s hardware specs.

Chromebook Specs
Chromebook Specs

I hope you found this quick tutorial useful. Check out more Chromebook-related videos here on my YouTube channel.

Questions? Let me know in the comments section.

2 responses to “How to Find Your Chromebook’s Hardware Specs”

  1. Thanks for this Dinsan.
    It looks much better than drilling down “chrome://system”
    I will try this soon.

    1. Dinsan – Bangalore, India – Digital Minimalist & Content Developer. Drinks Tea and writes Stuff (mostly about Chromebooks). My views are mostly copied from others.

      Glad to hear it, Daniel!

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