How to Do a Privacy Review on Google Chrome

As the gateway to the internet, your browser needs extra care to keep your activities safe and private. Google Chrome has a review feature to let you verify its privacy features. In this article, we will learn how to perform a privacy review on Google Chrome.

Privacy Review

Why are we doing a privacy review on Google Chrome? As Google says, the default settings work for most people, but you can customize them to fit how you like to use Chrome. Privacy review walks you through these options and customizes them to match your preferences.

Note that this review does not include all Google Chrome privacy features. See the Google Chrome help center article for more information.

How To Do a Privacy Review

Time needed: 3 minutes

  1. Open Google Chrome Settings.

    Click the three-dots settings menu and choose Settings or open chrome://settings on a new tab.

  2. Select Security and privacy.

    From the sidebar, select the Security and Privacy tab. To access this page directly, open chrome://settings/privacy in a Chrome tab.

  3. On the privacy review banner, select Get Started.

    If the Privacy Review banner is displayed, select Get Started. If the banner is not present, open a new Chrome tab and go to chrome://settings/privacy/review?step=welcome

  4. Select Get Started.

    Select the Get Started button.

  5. Review privacy settings.

    Follow the prompts to review individual privacy settings and make changes.

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