How to use Microsoft Teams on Chromebook

Do you use Microsoft Teams for your video calls and meetings? In this article, I will show you how to install and use the Teams app on your Chromebook.

2020 has pushed everything online. Work meetings are on Zoom or Teams. They were hanging out with friends and family on WhatsApp or Google Meet.

When it comes to Teams, Chromebook users have two options. You can either use the web version of Teams or install the Teams Android app.

Teams Web App

You can use the Teams web app without downloading or installing anything. All you need to do is open a new tab and go to to get started.

What if you are joining a meeting that you received?

Good question.

Click the meeting invite link and then look for the “Continue on this browser.”

Your Teams meeting will launch on a new Chrome tab.

Next, let me show you how to download and install the Teams Android app on your Chromebook.

Teams Android App for Chromebook

If you have a Chromebook that supports Android apps, you can install the Microsoft Teams Android app from here.

You can also open the Play Store app and search Teams. Then, click Install to get started.

Teams Android App

Your Chromebook will now download and install the Teams app. When the app is installed, you can find it in the app launcher.

Teams app in Chromebook launcher

You can also pin the app to your Chromebook taskbar for quick access. Right-click the app icon from the toolbar and choose Pin to do this.

Choose “Pin”

You can right-click this icon to start a new chat and do more.


Open the Teams app and you will see the login screen. Log into your account to get started with teams.

Teams app login screen

You should now see the team’s welcome page.

Teams App Welcome Screen

Using Teams on Chromebook

To start a new chat, click the New Chat icon on the corner.

New Chat – Teams

Click the hamburger menu on the left to access your Settings. The app supports a dark theme. You can use the app in dark mode while waiting for Chrome OS dark mode to arrive.

Teams Dark Mode

Enable desktop notifications

You can enable desktop notifications when you log into the Teams app for the first time. To do this, click Yes on the prompt that appears on the lower right-hand corner of your screen.

You will see Teams notification where Chrome notifications appear in your Chromebook’s notification area if you enable notifications.


You can use the Teams web app or Android app on Chromebook. If you use the web version, you don’t need to download and install any app or extension.

A screen share extension for Chrome is available in the Chrome Web Store here.

Do you have any questions regarding the Teams app on Chromebook? Let me know in the comments section.

13 responses to “How to use Microsoft Teams on Chromebook”

  1. How do you share your screen using the Teams App? I don’t see the option.

  2. Hi! We are using Teams for elearning. Suddenly only one student’s screen is seen. We cannot see the teacher’s screen or other students. Sound is fine. Can you help? Thank you

  3. Hi, to be honest this is a big flaw for the Chromebook. The app is in mobile lay-out and the web version doesn’t have the necessary options like you have on a Windows laptop. I like the Chromebook, but due to this Teams shortcoming I have to buy a windows laptop. Quite sad.

    1. Hi, whenever I open up the Teams app on my Chromebook it wont get any bigger, than the mobile layout. Even when i hit the full screen button. When I am in a call though its full screen, if i leave it, its back to mobile version. This is quite annoying. Also, when I am in a meeting the hang up button cannot be removed and for the duration of the call the bar will remain there which makes it unable for me to see presentations. I am thankful for every help I can get!!!

  4. Hi
    Using teams for school and I can’t get the chat box up! How do I do this?

    1. I have had the same problem, did you get a solution. I can’t find any help on-line

  5. I tried to use Teams today for a lesson on my chrome book. I couldn’t get further than a blank screen once I’d joined the meeting and couldn’t hear or see anyone else. I could see the chat and from that, I could see that many of the students had been successful in accessing it. What have I not done /done wrong? Tia

  6. Hi, I can’t edit word documents in Teams using my Cromebook. I have tried to download the files but I receive a message to say I can’t.

  7. hello, I have down loaded the teams app onto my Chromebook. I want to join a meeting by clicking on the link: click here to join a meeting. However, it takes me automatically to the web version of teams. I want to join using the downloaded app, so I can see the small group I am meeting. Can you advise? thank you!

  8. I also am having trouble joining meeting via a link as it takes me straight to the web version rather than the app, and I cannot change the view to see all participants on the web version. I have recently bought a chromebook, discussing with the retailer that I only need it for Teams meetings and reading the odd document, will be very upset if I have been wrongly advised and will need a laptop to be able to do this after purchasing a chromebook. Any help you could give would be gratefully received!

  9. Hi i have issue on my teams app on my chromebook. I can not update it from google play store because there I found that my app is not compatible with chromebook. I was using it on my chromebook from 10 months but there was no issue occured. But 2 days before when i open google play store to update app, then I found error on there. Why this happen what is solution of this problem? Plz reply to my comment

  10. Why teams app is now not compatible with chromebook? I am facing issue on my Microsoft teams app while I was updating it yesterday from google play store. On there I found error that my device is not compatible with chromebook. Why this occur? What is solution of this problem??

  11. Teams is totally useless on a chromebook.
    I switched back to an old winfows laptop for teams.
    Not really strange that ms doesnt fix this. They sell windows not chrome-os

    Same goes for the browser teams.

    Just use the windows app.

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