How to View and Manage Print Jobs on Chromebook

Google has added a new print management app to Chrome OS. I do not have a printer connected to my Chromebook. However, in this article, I will show you how to access the print management app.

Add New Printer

To add a new printer to your Chromebook:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Click and expand Advanced.
  3. Under Printing, click Printers.
  4. Click the Printer icon against Add Printer.
  5. Enter your printer’s details. If you have a print server, click the Print Server icon to add the address.
  6. Click Add to save the new printer.

Now that you have added a new printer to your Chromebook, here is how to access your open print jobs to manage them.

Chromebook Print Jobs App

To view print jobs on your Chromebook:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Click and expand Advanced.
  3. Under Printing, click Print Jobs.
  4. The Print Jobs window is displayed.

From the Print Jobs app you can:

  • View pending print jobs.
  • View the file name, printer name, date, and status of print jobs.
  • Clear all history

Pin Print Jobs App

If you need to open the Print Jobs app very often, you can pin it to the taskbar. To do this, right-click the Print Job app’s icon and choose Pin.

Hope you found this tutorial useful. I’ll have to find a Chromebook test this. If you think I missed something, do let me know in the comments so that I can update this article.

3 responses to “How to View and Manage Print Jobs on Chromebook”

  1. I have the latest Chrome OS 84 installed and do not see the ‘Print Jobs’ area in my OS settings. Is this hidden behind a flag or is there a forthcoming update that I’m yet to see?

    Thanks for the great articles!

    1. Dinsan – Bangalore, India – Digital Minimalist & Content Developer. Drinks Tea and writes Stuff (mostly about Chromebooks). My views are mostly copied from others.

      Hi Tim,

      There is a Print Management App flag in Chrome OS Canary build that I am using. However, it is enabled by default. If you can’t see the print jobs ap yet, look for this flag. If it is not there, you should wait for the next Chrome OS update.
      Appreciate your taking the time to post a comment!

  2. Is there anyway to reprint from the print jobs screen?

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