How to Add Pages to Chrome ‘Read Later’

Google Chrome is preparing a new built-in Read later service. That’s something that we already know. What we didn’t know was how this feature would work. Let me show you.

First Look Video – Chrome Read Later

Missing Piece – chrome://read-later/

Before we start, this is not working 100%. I can add web pages to Read later. However, the page that is supposed to show me my saved articles, is not working yet.

When you add pages to Read later, you should be able to click the folder icon right below the three-dots settings icon and see them.

As you can see, the chrome://read-later/ page is not working yet. Now, let me show you how to add a web page to this list.

Adding pages to Read later

To add a webpage to Read later, you should click the bookmarks (star) icon in the address bar. This is the current method.

Add page to Read later

When you add a page to the list, Chrome closes that tab. If you open the same page again and click the bookmarks icon, you will see Mark as read.

Chrome Mark as Read

We might see this changing or new methods added before this feature goes live. For example, you might be able to right-click a page and choose “Read later”.

Maybe even a keyboard shortcut?

When you click the bookmarks icon, you can either add the page to bookmark, or add it to the Read later list.

I wasn’t impressed with this implementation in the beginning. However, I can now see the point.

I have bookmarked pages for permanent use and also for temporary use. This temporary use is nothing bug “Read later”.


To conclude, this feature is still a work-in-progress. It is not even a complete working piece yet.

However, you know me and what I do here. I get excited with new features and enjoy sharing Chrome and Chrome OS features while they are in the making.

Stay tuned to Chrome Story and our YouTube channel for more updates on this story.

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