How to Fix sbox_fatal_memory_exceeded Error -Chrome

sbox_fatal_memory_exceeded – What causes this error?

The sbox_fatal_memory_exceeded error code is displayed when Google Chrome runs out of memory. This is often because of an app or website that uses excessive memory. Let us look at the possible reasons and fixes for this Chrome issue.

Do you use Eset antivirus?

I reviewed dozens of Chrome Help Forum threads and Reddit threads discussing this issue. Most of the time, the reason for sbox_fatal_memory_exceeded error is a third-party app, extension, or website.

There are multiple reports of “Eset” antivirus software causing this issue. According to the response from a support team member from Eset, the company has released an update that causes this issue.

If you have Eset products installed on your computer, check if you are using the latest version. If there is an update available, install it, restart your computer and try using Chrome again.

You can also review the Chrome Task Manager to see what app or service uses more memory. Do you see an app or website using excessive amounts of memory? If yes, close that tab or disable that app and try.

Are you using the latest version of Chrome?

As usual, the first thing you should check is the version of Chrome. Are you using the latest version of Chrome? If not, update it.

If you are already on the latest version of Chrome, let us move on to extensions.

Try Incognito mode

Open Chrome in Incognito mode and see if that makes any difference. Use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + N to open an Incognito window.

In Incognito mode, Chrome loads without any apps or extensions. If everything is working fine in Incognito mode, the culprit is likely a Chrome app or extension.

Check Extensions or Apps

Here is how you can check if an app or extension is causing sbox_fatal_memory_exceeded error:

  1. Open chrome://extensions in a new tab.
  2. Disable all the extensions.
  3. Enable one by one.
  4. Test Chrome after enabling each extension.

Renaming Chrome Executable

In some cases, users have reported that renaming the Chrome executable fixes this issue. If none of the troubleshooting steps that we discussed so far has fixed your issue, try this:

  1. Locate the Chrome application. You will most likely find this in c;\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application.
  2. Rename the Chrome executable to anything other than Chrome. For example, chm.
  3. Open Chrome again and test.

Hope one of these troubleshooting steps helped you fix the issue. If you have more suggestions or questions, let us know in the comments section.

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  1. I am using jupyter notebook and even changed system settings by increasing virtual memory.
    Still problem persits.

  2. This helped me find the “coupon” app and the Avast deal app that was causing the issue and delete them. Thanks.

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