‘Link to Text Fragment’ Helps You Create Links to Any Text on a Page

Google has been working on a new feature that makes links on the web better. This new trick allows you to link to any specific string of text on a page. When you share this link, it will take the user directly to that part of the page, with the selected text highlighted.

How can you create such links?

Google has the answer. They have created an official Chrome extension that you can install. The new extension is called Link to Text Fragment. You can add to Chrome from here.

Now that you have installed the extension, here is a video demo of how to use it:

To share link to any part of the page, you can right-click and choose Copy link to selected text. After this, simply paste the link to share the direct URL.

If your browsing includes a lot of research on the web, this extension will be handy. You can easily copy and save links for future use. When you save links to the specific section of the text, it becomes a bit more effective.

Sharing webpages also becomes better with this feature. You no longer need to find ways to highlight text on pages. You can copy the direct link to the text you want to highlight and share it.

Hope you find this extension and feature useful. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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