How to Generate QR Code and Share URLs using Chrome

Google Chrome is testing a built-in QR code generator. With this, you can generate a QR code for the page that you are on and share it. Let’s see how.

This feature is currently available only in the Canary version of Chrome and requires the following flag enabled:

#sharing-qr-code-generator – Enable sharing page via QR Code

Generate QR Code Using Chrome

When the QR Code feature is enabled, you will see the QR Code icon on the address bar (aka Omnibox), right next to the bookmarks (star) icon. Click this icon to generate the QR code for the current page.

Click the QR code icon

Chrome will now generate the QR code and display it next to the address bar:

Generated QR Code on Chrome.

If you press the “i” icon on the QR code box, you will see instructions on how to use them:

QR Code instructions

Download the QR Code

You can download the generated QR code to share it. The QR is downloaded as a PNG image. To download, a QR code, click the Download button on the QR code card:

Download button for QR code

Hope you found this guide useful. Let us know your questions in the Comments section.

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  1. I created QR from a URL. Now how do I load it into web browser to access URL address via laptop?

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