How to Check Free Space Available on Chromebook

First-generation Chromebooks came with a 16 GB SSD storage. Chromebooks these days have plenty more storage. However, when you use them with Android apps and Linux apps, you might still run into storage issues. This article explains how to find remaining storage on your Chromebook.

View Free Space on a Chromebook

The quickest way to find the remaining storage on your Chromebook is via the Files app. Open the Files app and click the settings icon (three dots) on the top-right corner. You should see the remaining free space on your device.

Here is another way to view free space. Let us do it from the Settings app this time.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Click Device > Storage management.
  3. You should now see the remaining storage on your Chromebook.

There is a third way to view the remaining storage. You can open a new tab and go to chrome://quota-internals/ to view more detailed storage information.

Hope you found this article useful. If you have questions, let us know in the comments section.

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