How to Turn On/Off Caps Lock on Chromebook

Looking for a way to turn off or disable caps lock on your Chromebook quickly? Here is the keyboard shortcut to turn off caps lock: ALT + SEARCH.

How to Turn off Caps Lock on Chromebook – Video

One of the first things that you will notice on your new Chromebook is the keyboard layout. Chromebooks come with a Search key instead of a Caps Lock key. Unfortunately, they also do not have Delete keys. This article will help you turn on or turn off Caps Lock and turn the Search key into Caps Lock.

Turn Off Caps Lock

To turn on Caps Lock on your Chromebook, use the keyboard shortcut ALT + SEARCH. In short, use the same keyboard shortcut to toggle between On and Off.

You cannot get rid of caps lock on a Chromebook. However, you can use ALT + SEARCH to turn it off quickly. If you turn on the caps lock by mistake, you can quickly stop all your text from going “All Caps.”

Turn on Caps Lock

Now that you know how to turn off caps lock, you might be asking, how do I turn on caps lock.

To turn on Caps Lock on your Chromebook, use the keyboard shortcut ALT + SEARCH.

When you use the keyboard shortcut to enable Caps Lock, you will see a notification in the system tray.

This notification will stay in the notification area as long as Caps Lock is enabled.

Change the Search Key to Caps Lock

We saw the keyboard shortcut to enable or disable Caps Lock temporarily. What if you want a permanent Caps Lock button?

You can turn your Search key into your Caps Lock key. You can use Chromebook’s Key Mapping feature to do this.

Go to Settings > Device > Keyboard and select Caps Lock from the drop-down next to Launcher (or Search).

Want detailed instructions to do this? Refer to the Keyboard section of our Chromebook Settings Guide.

Where is the delete button?

The Chromebook keyboard does not have a Delete key as well. However, you can use the keyboard shortcut ALT + BACKSPACE as a replacement.

  • ALT + BACKSPACE:    Delete the next letter (forward delete)
  • CTRL + BACKSPACE: Delete the previous word

Want more keyboard shortcuts and other tips to get started with your Chromebook? Refer to our Getting Started guide here.

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