How to Use Chrome’s ‘Safety Check’ to Scan Passwords and Extensions

Google is working on a Safety check feature that will allow users scan the browser for security issues. This article explains how to do a Safety check.

Safety check is currently available in the Canary version of Chrome. It might take a few weeks before this feature is released in the Stable version.

What is included in a Safety check?

Google Chrome’s Safety check currently includes the following:

How to do a Safety check

To perform a Safety check on Chrome:

  1. Open Chrome Settings (chrome://settings)
  2. Locate Safety check.
  3. Click Check now.
  4. Chrome will now perform a Safety check and display recommendations.

What do after a Safety Check

Google Chrome will give your recommended actions based on scan results. This might include:

  • Update Google Chrome
  • Update Safe Browsing settings
  • Remove harmful extensions
  • Change compromised passwords.

Here is an example of compromised passwords alert:

You can either remove the password from Chrome or click the Change password link to visit the website to change it.

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