How to Mirror Your Desktop to Chromecast

You can mirror the entire screen of your computer to your Chromecast in three steps. Click the Cast icon, from the Sources drop-down, select Cast desktop and choose your Chromecast.

This guide explains how to mirror your computer screens to a Chromecast connected TV.

Sharing your computer’s screen on the TV is one of the most popular features of Chromecast. Apart from being an easy way to share content from the web, this was a crowd favorite because it helped us cast content that was not officially supported on Chromecast.

Chromecast Desktop

Sharing your computer’s desktop to Chromecast is an inbuilt feature of Google Cast. This feature works only from Windows computers, Mac OSX, Linux and Chrome OS devices such as Chromebooks, Chromeboxes, Chromebases, and Chromebits. This is perfect for sharing photos or presentations, especially at home.

This is different from casting a tab. When you are casting a tab, as the name suggests, you are sharing the contents of an individual browser tab. However, when we say Chromecast Desktop, you are sharing the entire computer screen to your TV.

How to Share Desktop Using Chromecast

To mirror your computer screen to Chromecast, click the cast icon or choose Cast from the Settings menu (three dots)

Cast Menu

From the Source dropdown, choose Cast desktop.

Next, choose the Chromeast device that you want to connect to. Your Chromecast connected TV will now start mirroring your computer’s screen.

How to Stop Mirroring Desktop

A notification with the “Stop” link is displayed in your notification area while you are casting. Click this “Stop” link to disconnect your Chromebook from Chromecast.

Click STOP to disconnect screen mirroring.

You will also see a cast icon, which turns blue while casting, on your Chrome’s toolbar. You can stop screen mirroring using this icon as well.

Mirror Screen to Chromecast from Android

If you have Android KitKat 4.4.2 or later on your phone or tablet, you have built-in Chromecast support available. In Lollipop this option is available right on the top drawer/notification bar.

Share Screen from Android

The easiest way to mirror your screen from your Android phone is to add the Cast icon to your quick action tiles (the menu that you get when you slide from the top of your phone’s screen). If you don’t already have the Cast icon, click the pencil icon to edit and drag and add the Cast icon.

After adding the cast icon, tap this icon and then choose your Chromecast device to share the screen:

You might also see a warning message that informs you about sensitive information during casting. Read it and tap “Start now” when you are ready.

Warning before casting screen from Android.

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