How to Update Google Chrome

Google releases a new version of Chrome every two weeks. These updates include new features, bug fixes, and, most importantly, security updates. To enjoy all these benefits, you must update Google Chrome to the latest version.

Google Chrome is a free download, so you don’t have to pay to keep it up to date. This article will explain how to update Chrome constantly to have the latest version.

Find Google Chrome Latest Version

To find the latest version of Google Chrome, you can use the OmahaProxy app. This is an official website maintained by Google engineers.

Open and look for your operating system’s “Stable” version.

For example, Win-Stable will be the Windows Stable Channel version. Look for the Current Version on this row. Is this the version on your computer?

Chrome Latest Version

Step 1 – Open Google Chrome

Note: I have used screenshots from a MacBook. However, the steps remain the same for Windows 10 and other computers.

Open Google Chrome. If you are on Windows, open it from your desktop. Launch it from the launcher or your dock if you are using macOS.

Chrome on macOS launcher

Step 2 – Go to Settings

Click the three dots in the top right corner. This is the Settings icon.

Chrome’s Settings menu (three dots)

Step 3 – Click “Help”

Click “Help” from the Settings menu

Step 4 – Click “About Chrome”

Click “About Google Chrome”

Step 5 – Let Chrome Download The Update

If there is an update available, Chrome will now download the update. You will see the progress.

Chrome downloading the latest version

Step 6 – Click “Relaunch”

After Google Chrome completes downloading the update, it will install the update. The next step is to restart Chrome. You will see “Relaunch” on the screen. Click Relaunch.

Click the Relaunch button to restart and apply the new version

Chrome will restart and show the latest version number. If it is up to date, you will see the following screen:

Chrome’s version number on the About page

Manually Update Chrome

If something goes wrong with the auto-update, like your office network blocks the download (that happened to me), you can use this method.

Download the offline installer for Chrome and run the .exe file. Follow the prompts, and you are done.

How to Switch to Beta Version

New features appear on the beta channel before making them available to the general public. To test these new features, you can update Chrome to beta.

Download the beta version from here and install it.

How to Turn Off Auto Update

It is recommended that you keep the auto-update on. It is important that the browser and all the extensions and plugins you use to stay up to date to avoid any security issues.

Just in case. You can do this, but NOT recommended at all. Here is a short article with instructions.

Update Chrome Extensions Manually

Google Chrome updates extensions also automatically. However, you can continually update them manually, as explained here.

  1. Open your extensions page, by clicking on Menu > Extensions or, type chrome://extensions/ in the address bar.
  2. On the right-hand side, click on “Developer Mode”
  3. Now, Click on “Update Extensions Now”
  4. Done.

How to Update Google Chrome Portable

The straightforward way to upgrade the portable version of Google Chrome is to download the latest version of the app and delete the older one.

Chrome coffee cup

Google Chrome Update History

There is no way to find updated history from within Google Chrome. However, Google has a blog that updates each time an update is in the Stable, Beta, or Dev channels. 

Entries on this blog provide details about significant changes in the new version and links to all the bugs fixed in the version.

You can read about all the previous Google Chrome updates on the Chrome Releases Blog. In addition, you can find the last update to Chrome on the blog’s home page.

Here is another good resource that you can use to see recent updates to Google Chrome across all the platforms. Again, the Chromium team supports this.

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