How to Install Gboard or Grammarly Keyboard on Your Chromebook

This article explains how to install Grammarly or any other Android keyboard apps on Chrome OS.

Note: This feature currently works on the Dev channel of Chrome OS. It might take a while before this feature is enabled.

How to Add Grammarly Keyboard to Chromebook

The first step is setting up Grammarly or any other Android keyboard app on your Chromebook. Download and install the app from the Play Store. We will use the Grammarly keyboard app as an example for this article.

Note: Your Chromebook should be in tablet mode for this to work. If you have a Pixel Slate, disconnect the keyboard before you start. If you have a Pixelbook or any other Chromebook with tablet mode, fold it into tablet mode and proceed.

Download the Grammarly keyboard app from here.

Install the Grammarly keyboard app

Open the app and you will see the Setup Grammarly screen. Click Add Grammarly Keyboard

Setup screen

The Chrome OS Settings app is displayed. Under Keyboard apps, enable Grammarly. (If you are setting up Gboard, select Gboard here).

Keyboard apps screen

A warning pop-up is displayed. Read the message carefully and click OK if you would like to proceed.

Warning screen 1

You will now see another warning screen that tells you that this keyboard app will not work until you unlock your screen after a reboot. Click OK to proceed.

Warning screen 2

You will now see the virtual keyboard with a list to choose keyboards from. Select Grammarly here. If you do not get this screen or accidentally close it, long-press the Spacebar key on the virtual keyboard to open it again.

Select Grammarly here

Grammarly will now display the confirmation screen with additional settings. Explore the settings and enjoy your new keyboard.

Grammarly keyboard settings on a Chromebook

Switch Between Gboard or Grammarly Keyboard

If you have installed more than one Android keyboard app on your Chromebook, here is how to switch between them.

While the virtual keyboard is open, long-press the spacebar key to launch the input methods menu. Choose the new keyboard app here.

Choose the new keyboard here.

Another option is via the Settings app:

  1. Open the Chrome OS Settings app.
  2. Go to Device > Keyboard > Change language and input settings.
  3. Under Input method, click Manage input methods.
  4. Scroll down to Keyboard apps.
  5. Select the new keyboard

Thank you, Philip, for sending in this tip!

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    I have a Lenovo Chromebook and I did everything as explained here. When i get to #4 Key board Apps. The Grammarly app is there with in gray with a box. Unclikable- will not allow me to select it. Why do you think this is?

  2. I also have a Lenovo Chromebook and have a similar issue. For me, the “Keyboard apps” is not even an option as it doesn’t show up at all.

  3. I have a feeling that this feature never left the Dev Channel, not for the beta or stable channels, anyway, as I am having the same problem over half way through 2022 on my Pixelbook. I was *once* able to select an alternative keyboard (KDE Connect) but I think that it probably occured sometime during the brief . of time that I was also on Dev Channel.

    The shame because while the ChromeOS baked-in virtual keyboard essentially is Gboard when you get right down to it, only it’s missing some features that really make Gboard stand out. Namely, the ability to insert GIFs and stickers, search emojis, use the spacebar to move the cursor, etc.. Also Assistant-powered voice dictation. I don’t know if that’s a Pixel exclusive feature but I love it on my Pixel 6 Pro

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