How to Enable Android Developer Options on a Chromebook

Android developers and even users get a set of additional features when they enable Developer Options on their phones. How will you do this on a Chromebook? Let me show you how.

Android Developer Options in Chrome OS

On an Android phone, you will tap the Build Number under Settings seven times, to enable Developer Options. The process is similar on a Chromebook too. You can click the build number instead of touching it if that matters!

This method will help you locate ANY Android app on your Chromebook. Open the Chrome OS Settings app and go to the Google Play Store section.

Play Store Settings

Next, click Google Play Store to go to Play Store specific settings.

Click Google Play Store

Next, click Manage Android preferences.

Manage Android preferences

Click System and then About Device. You will now see the Build Number. Tap the Build Number seven times.

Tap the build number seven times.

Go back to the previous page and you should see Developer Options.

Hope you found this useful. If you have Chrome OS related questions that you want me to write about, drop in a comment!

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