You Can Now Unpin Chrome App from Chromebook Shelf

Update: Looks like this was an error. Google has removed this feature.

Don’t ask me why, but you can now unpin Chrome from Chrome OS shelf. The Shelf is the row of pinned apps and running apps that you see on the bottom of the screen.

First of all, thank you RB for sending this tip in!. He has found that Chrome OS version 76 Beta has the option to unpin the Chrome app if you wish to do so.

I cannot think of many use cases, but here is one. Let’s say the only reason you bought a Pixelbook is to run Linux on it. You could unpin everything including Chrome and use your Linux apps alone.

Or something like that.

Anyways, if you want to unpin Chrome from your Shelf, here is what you do that in Chrome 76:

Go to Settings > Apps > Chrome. Here, slide “Pin to shelf” to off.

Can you think of any scenarios where you would want to unpin Chrome from Chrome OS Shelf? Let me know in comments!

Thanks again RB!

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  1. Running Firefox in a Linux container as preferred browser. Ergo no need for Chrome on the shelf.

    Thanks for the tip.

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