How to Mute or Silence App Notifications on your Chromebook

Now that your Chromebook has Android apps and what not you will be receive a lot of notifications. Google Chrome also can show notifications from websites.

How can we stop these notifications on your Chromebook? Let me show you!

Disable Chrome OS Notifications for Individual Apps

This is quick and easy. First, open the system tray. This is the small popup that opens when you click time or WiFi/Battery icon on the bottom-right corner.

System Tray

Here, the third item in the second row is “Notifications“. It has a small drop-down (down arrow) right next to it. Click that drop-down to see all the apps with notification permissions.

To disable all notifications, slide Do not disturb on.

If you want to disable notifications for a specif app, find the app from the list and un-check it.

Disable Notifications from Websites

Towards the end of the list, you will see websites that have access to notifications on your Chromebook. You can un-check those too.

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