How to Change Keyboard Sound on Chromebook

Many of us like to have audio feedback on our smartphone keyboards. Some people prefer vibration or haptic feedback, but for some and audio feedback is better.

The on-screen keyboard on Chrome OS supports this feature. This article explains how to enable sounds for your Chromebook keyboard.

Enable On-screen Keyboard Sounds

To enable sounds :

  1. Open the Settings app and open the hamburger menu on the left (three lines)
  2. Click and expand Advanced.
  3. Select Languages and input.
  4. Now, click and expand the Input method. You will see your current keyboard here. Click the pop-out icon against this keyboard.
  5. If you are using US Keyboard, the following link should open:
  6. Under the On-screen keyboard, select Sound on keypress.
  7. Done.

I hope you found this useful. Stay tuned for more Chrome OS tips. Read our Chrome OS user guide for more help.

4 responses to “How to Change Keyboard Sound on Chromebook”

  1. mastertheo13

    It didn’t work, I turned the setting on and it doesn’t work!

  2. Its working just on virtual keyboard or screen keyboard not fizic keyboard

  3. it’s not their and i dont think it works

  4. I mean its only on screen not any other one

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