How to Install Android Apps on Your Chromebook

How to Check If Your Chromebook Supports Android Apps

Chrome OS now supports Android apps. However, not all Chromebooks support Google Play Store and Android apps. Here is how to find out if your Chromebook supports Android apps.

The first method to check if your Chromebook supports Android apps is to check the Settings app. All Chromebooks with Android apps support should have a section called Google Play Store within Settings.

Look for the Google Play Store section.

Another way to find out if your Chromebook has Android support is to look for the Play Store app. If you have Android apps enabled, you should see the Play Store app in your launcher.

Installing Android Apps

Alright, the next step, installing Android apps. First, open your Chrome OS launcher and look for the Play Store app.

Google Play Store in Chrome OS Launcher

From here, the process is similar to what you do on your Android phone or tablet. First, search and find your favorite Android app.

When you are ready, select Install, your Chromebook will now download and install the Android app.

Open the app launcher again to find the newly installed app.

Newly Installed Android app on Chromebook Launcher

You can right-click the app icon while it is open to pin it to the taskbar.

Pin the new app on your Chromebook taskbar

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