There is no Airplane Mode on Chromebooks. Disable WiFi and Bluetooth Instead

Chromebooks do not have an Airplane mode. It does not have a single-click button or icon on the notification try to enable Airplane mode.

However, when you are actually in an airplane, you might want it to be put into Airplane mode so that you can continue using your Chromebook.

As a workaround, you can disable your WiFi connection and Bluetooth connection to get the same effect. Let me show you how.

Disable WiFi & Mobile Data

To disable WiFi, open the system tray aka notification area by clicking the time/battery icon on the bottom-right corner of your desktop.

Tap the WiFi icon to disable WiFi.

You can also do this from Settings > Network.

WiFi settings

While you are there, disable Mobile data if you have that. Not many Chromebooks have LTE. If you have a Chromebook with LTE, you can disable it from the same screen.

For most devices, “Mobile Data” is Instant Tethering that Google recently introduced. It connects to your phone’s WiFi hotspot instantly. So, disable this option as well to go offline.

Disable Bluetooth

After WiFi and mobile data, the next thing you should disable on your Chromebook to make it go to our makeshift airplane mode is Bluetooth.

To disable Bluetooth, go to the system tray, just like WiFi and tap the Bluetooth icon.

You can disable it from Settings > Bluetooth too.

There, that should put your Chromebook completely offline if not Airplane mode. If you think there is something else that we should disable to go completely offline, please drop me a comment and I will update the article.

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  1. Can I still turn on the Plane Wifi?

  2. would i be able to turn on Bluetooth while still in the air or no.

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