Google Home Hub Has a Chrome Browser

There is a hidden web browser on Google Home Hub. Even better, Home Hub has Chrome built-in.

Google Home Hub uses a custom operating system similar to Chromecast. It also comes with a Chrome browser built in. It is not available as an app that you can launch. However, you can access it quite easily.

How to use Chrome on Google Home Hub

Here is how to launch the Chrome browser on Google Home Hub:

  1. Search for something that will bring up a Wikipedia card. For example, try “Who is Nelson Mandela?”
  2. When the result comes up on the screen, you should see a link at the bottom for more information. Tap this link to open the Wikipedia page on the browser.
  3. At present, there is no way to input text, but you can use a keyword related to a website, get the result and then click the link that comes along with the search result.
thank you my friend, you-know-who, for this image!

That’s quite a workaround to use browser on the Hub! Oh, you cannot really use this to open Netflix and watch videos. You might be able to open, but without a way to input text, you can’t enter your username and password to log in!

Chrome Version

If you manage to open a website that will display your browser information, for example, “”, you will see the current version of Chrome used on Hub. It is currently a Chrome version 70.

It will be interesting to keep track of Chrome version on Hub and see how frequently they updated this new edition of Chrome!

Via 9to5Google.

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